NOFARS  Balanced   Modulator

Volume LVII, Number 12                                                                                       DECEMBER 2022


The Jacksonville ham radio Christmas dinner is Saturday, December 10th at Terry Parker Baptist Church, 7024 Merrill Rd.   Catered barbecue is on the menu along with desserts provided by those attending.   The 2022 NOFARS Operator of the Year award will be presented and prizes given out.   It all starts at 4pm with dinner around 5pm.   Jax Laurel will offer free FCC exams at 2:00pm.

All radio groups are invited along with families and visitors.   Advanced tickets are recommended as only a few will be available on December 10th.   Don't miss out.   Contact Neal, N4FAS via n4fas88@gmail.com to reserve a ticket.   Cost is $20 per person.   Again, CBS47/Fox30 Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh will be collecting gifts for the Salvation Army Christmas toy drive.   Bring an unwrapped children's gift if you wish to help.



Work by contractors on the Dames Point Bridge and at the Wells Fargo skyscraper downtown started last summer.   It has affected both W4IZ repeater system locations causing service interruptions and reduced coverage.   The Florida Dept. of Transportation is replacing most wiring and conduit on the bridge.   Power was recently restored to our equipment, though intermittent outages may continue into 2023.

At the W4IZ downtown site, a new cage for city equipment nears completion.   This required temporary relocation of W4IZ's equipment plus construction of new metal racks by Bob, KS4CA.   With assistance from Steve KO4SMF and Dan KK4JVV, the racks are now ready for permanent placement at the proper time.   During early 2023, all city and W4IZ antenna transmission lines will be replaced and rerouted to a new grid mounting structure on top of the building.   We will need to acquire three 300-foot lengths for W4IZ's VHF/UHF system.   Steve, WA4B and Henry, WB4LEQ are looking into sources.   KS4CA has repaired the VHF power amplifier though it may be on its last legs and soon need replacement.

All this translates into major expense, possibly into five figures.   The W4IZ repeater is funded independently from NOFARS treasury.   Donations by individuals along with 50/50 ticket sales at NOFARS meetings and gatherings provide support to keep W4IZ's repeaters on the air.   Anyone knowing a free or cheap source for three 300 ft. runs of hardline or other transmission line with under 1dB of loss per 100 ft., please contact WA4B, WB4LEQ or advise via n4uf@nofars.net

Watch JaxRadio.net  for W4IZ service updates.


ARRL SE DIVISION ELECTION RESULTS:  ARRL Southeastern Division Director and Vice Director election results show Mickey Baker, N4MB of Palm Beach Gardens winning re-election as Director.   N4MB received 2,785 votes to outpoll KG4JSZ (1,000 votes) and KB4DU (673 votes).

Jeff Beals, WA4AW received 1,516 votes to win election as SE Division Vice Director, a post he has previously held.   KK4LWR received 1,287 votes, K4EA 859 votes and N4ZUW 763 votes.   Three-year terms start on January 1st.

HENRY RADIO:   After 40 years of producing high-powered amplifiers and other equipment for both hams and commercial users, Ted Henry Jr. is retiring soon.   A family business with multiple stores, Henry Radio dates back to 1927 when Ted's uncle Bob Henry, W0ARA opened a store in Butler, Mo. to sell parts to hams.   During WWII, Ted Henry Sr. started a small shop in Los Angeles which grew into Henry Radio West, a store where hams often gathered.   The storefronts closed in the 1990s and Henry Radio continued to produce equipment with a reputation for reliability and ruggedness.   Bob Burchett, WB6SLC will take over the ham radio portion of Henry Radio.   He requests hams who know Ted or have dealt with him to send their greetings and stories by email to DENNKD@OUTLOOK.COM by Dec. 22nd to be printed out and given to Ted Henry for Christmas.

PINS & DECALS:   Peel-off decals and pins with NOFARS triangular logo are available from KI4PIL.   Pins are $5 and decals are $3.   Proceeds go to the W4IZ repeater fund.

NOFARS MEMBERSHIPS:   NOFARS dues are based on the calendar year.   You can see when your membership expires by checking the Pd Thru column near the right edge of the NOFARS Roster. To join NOFARS or renew, see JaxRadio.net/membership.

Dues remain at only $5 per year.   Avoid future dues increases by joining or renewing for multiple years at the low $5/yr rate.   Life Memberships are only $75.

NOVEMBER MEETING:   Pat Geer from the Jacksonville Naval Museum spoke about plans for restoring the U.S.S. Orleck.   He will be working with John Reynolds, W4IJJ to arrange the ship's radio room and install an Amateur Radio operating position for publicizing the vessel and participating in nationwide events.

HELP WANTED:   W4IJJ is looking for volunteers to assist with arranging radio room equipment and planning our ham radio set-up.   Several signed up at the November NOFARS meeting.   If you would like to help, contact John via JohnR1000@aol.com

2023 NOFARS OFFICERS:   The slate elected at the November meeting includes John Reynolds, W4IJJ (President); Billy Williams, N4UF (VP); Chris Russell, KF4AAF (Secretary); Todd Lovelace, K1KVA (Treasurer) and Mike Robinson, KG2MM (Activities Manager).   Directors include NOFARS past-presidents Roger Knight, KI4PIL and Randy Bahr, KI4RHQ.   Thanks to outgoing Treasurer Jerry Tabor, N2GLF for doing an excellent job during the past several years.

And thanks to those who have supported NOFARS and W4IZ during 2022 by being a member, attending meetings and gatherings, donating to the repeater fund, etc.   Also thanks to W4SNN Saturday Night Net and some of their prize winners who made donations.   Seasons Greetings to all and best wishes for 2023.



FREE TOWER & TELESCOPING MAST:  Located in San Mateo area of north Jax.   You take down.   Call Phillip at 904-945-5900



**Tube-type Transmitters, Receivers, Test Equipment, Accessories.

**Hasselblad Camera Equipment

Contact Bob Meadows, W4RRD at 904-264-2946

E-mail rpmeadow@bellsouth.net



President----John Reynolds, W4IJJ

Vice President----Billy Williams, N4UF

Secretary----Chris Russell, KF4AAF

Treasurer----Todd Lovelace, K1KVA

Activities Manager----Mike Robinson, KG2MM

Director----Roger Knight, KI4PIL

Director----Randy Bahr, KI4RHQ


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