NOFARS  Balanced   Modulator

Volume LVII, Number 8                                                                                       AUGUST 2022


NOFARS does not meet in August. The next meeting will be Thursday, September 8th at Hogan Baptist Church starting at 7pm.



NOFARS had a very entertaining and informative meeting at the newly-remodeled CBS47/Fox30 television studios on July 14th.   Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh was our host.   Evening news anchors Tenikka Hughes & John Bachman described their jobs and answered questions from the forty hams and guests at the meeting.   The studios are indeed very high tech and Mike spoke about the upcoming hurricane season.   During the past fifty years, NOFARS has visited television stations probably a half dozen times and this was the best yet--by far.   Thanks to Mike and NOFARS President Roger Knight, KI4PIL for arranging our visit.



Improvements at the City of Jacksonville radio site in the Wells Fargo Tower begin in early August and continue for three weeks or so.   Also, the W4IZ 146.7 transmit power amplifier is being replaced.   Interruptions in service and reduced coverage may result.   Normal Echolink should continue when RF access is not available.

Thanks to these hams for assisting at the W4IZ site: Steve WA4B,   Henry WB4LEQ,  Bob KS4CA,   Herb N4YHS,  Todd K1KVA,   Paul KB4PML,   Steve KO4SMF,   Dan KK4JVV.


WILLY WILHITE, AC4WZ:   Willy passed away in June.   He joined NOFARS after being licensed in the 1980s and was continuously active in many phases of ham radio including the NOFARS and Jax Laurel volunteer exam programs.   He helped put early packet radio systems on the air here and was a mainstay at big W4IZ Field Day operations in the 1990s.   Along with AB4XA, Willy designed and built large 40 meter wire beam antennas for FD which were assembled in a big side yard at First Coast High School football stadium.   These were monster beams with hundreds of feet of copper wire and multiple tower-type elements made from 5 and 10-foot mast poles secured with custom brackets and wood supports.   They made many contacts at W4IZ FD.   K4PL & K4SK remembered that Willy "has been at every test session and loved being involved in the ham radio community.   We all had a pleasure working with him and he will be missed."   A memorial service at Jacksonville National Cemetery is July 8th at 11:00 AM.   Our condolences to Willy's wife Beverly, his family and his many friends.

JAX FIELD DAY:   The Duval ARES and NOFARS Field Day operation at Hogan Baptist Church included around fifty participants and visitors.   Emphasis on solar power continued this year with an array of solar panels instead of mechanical generators.   In addition to K1KVA's main station, several others used compact set-ups to make FD contacts around the U.S. and Canada.   KB4PML, K4BJS, KG2MM and KO4OPE were among those setting up stations that were spread out around the recreation area at Hogan Baptist Church.   Jax Laurel examiners offered free FCC license testing and several got their Technician licenses or upgraded.

N4UF FIELD DAY:   I set up a single-transmitter operation near I-295 and US1 in NW Jacksonville.   Pulled in around 330 contacts, all on cw, in Class 1B.   I used sloper wire dipoles and a 6-meter beam mounted on two sections of fence top rail as support.   Good weather mostly in the 80s with a breeze and no rain threats.   Enough clouds to keep heat down.   Adequate sunspot numbers but effects of a minor Saturday solar storm made propagation erratic.   I planned to mostly operate 6 and 10-meter CW, but no good openings sunk south far enough to help much here this year.   Only three stations worked on 6 meters.   10 meters not much better.   But forty at night and twenty meters during daytime were best.   Number of overnight signals was down for this year for some reason.   Several hours of sleep possible without missing much.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               DE N4UF


WANTED: Am looking for a used antenna rotator and controller for sale.   Please e-mail W2OR@arrl.NET


FOR SALE: Updated list from estate of Hank Fitz, WB4URU (Via KS4CA)   All proceeds go to Hank's widow.   Prices are negotiable!!!   Contact Bob Simmons, KS4CA at 904-610-0408 or email ks4ca@bellsouth.net

AEA Pakratt 232   $25

Alinco Wide Band Communications Receiver DJ-X10T works but needs new batteries   $75

AMECO SWR Bridge BIU  $25

Archer CB Watt/SWR Meter 10/100/1000w   $35

Astron RS-20A Power Supply   $85

Coaxial Dynamics Model 81000-A   $450

General Radio 2Cs-2Mcs Oscillator   $35

Gonset 6mtr Com III   $125

Hallicrafters S-40B Receiver   $60

Heathkit Electronic Keyer   $35

Heathkit HM-102 SWR Meter   $45

Heil Microphone Equalizer EQ300   $20

ICOM IC701PS power supply   $50

Kenwood TM-281   $200

Lafayette SWR Meter 99-25835   $35

MFJ-900 tuner   $20

MFJ-941C Versa Tuner II   $65

PAC-Comm TNC-220   $45

Realistic Stereo Audio Mixer   $25

Roberts Open Reel Tape Recorder 771X   $50

Tektronix 465 Oscope   $40

VERY LARGE RF CHOKES (Commercial)   $45 each

Zenith Antique Table Top Radio   $60

Various tubes, connectors, components



**Tube-type Transmitters, Receivers, Test Equipment, Accessories.

**Hasselblad Camera Equipment

Contact Bob Meadows, W4RRD at 904-264-2946

E-mail rpmeadow@bellsouth.net



President----Roger Knight, KI4PIL

Vice President----Billy Williams, N4UF

Secretary----Chris Russell, KF4AAF

Treasurer----Jerry Tabor, N2GLF

Activities Manager----Todd Lovelace, K1KVA

Director----Randy Bahr, KI4RHQ


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