The NOFARS Wacky Wing Ding Society certificate is offered to Amateur Radio operators who contact seven (7) certificate holders.

The certificate is free for NOFARS members and $1 for non-members. See options below for receiving your certificate.

Your application must list the 7 WWD certificate holders contacted by call sign and the WWD certificate number of each contact.

To apply by postal mail, send to Billy Williams, N4UF; P.O.Box 9673; Jacksonville Fl 32208.

E-mail applications from NOFARS members go to n4uf@nofars.net Please list qualifying contacts in body of e-mail, no attachments.


Certificates and endorsements are distributed at NOFARS meetings and by postal mail.

To get your WWD certificate at a NOFARS meeting, advise the certificate manager (N4UF) that you will be attending several days in advance.

If attending a NOFARS meeting is not convenient, your certificate can be mailed to you. For mailing, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your application. The envelope must be business-sized, #10 with one unit of postage attached. This requires your certificate to be folded.

To receive your certificate unfolded, please include a 9" x 12" large envelope with $3 postage. USPS now charges a hefty extra fee for oversized envelopes. You can fold the large return envelope to fit inside a smaller envelope when submitting application.

For mailing endorsements, a standard stamped envelope will suffice.


** Hams can earn a WWD certificate by contacting at least seven WWD certificate holders. Endorsements are issued in increments of 25 additional contacts. The first seven contacts may be used toward the 25 contact endorsement sticker.

** To be valid, these contacts must be made using radio transmission on Amateur Radio frequencies for at least part of the communications path between two or more operators.

** Contacts using repeaters are allowable and may occur on any legal mode of operation.

** WWD contacts using telephone circuits are not valid unless RF transmissions on Amateur Radio frequencies are part of the communications path between operators.

** WWD contacts using internet-based systems such as Echolink, D-Star, etc. are valid only if RF transmissions on Amateur Radio frequencies are part of the communications path between operators.

** An in-person meeting does not constitute a valid contact. Of course, operators can make a valid WWD contact at close range using HTs.

** Operators checked into a WWD net are considered to be in contact with all other participants during the same net session. Net participants do not need to directly contact each other if both operators are checked in to that net session.


These nets meet each Monday:

***7pm Eastern Time on 28.390 MHz. USB (10 Meters)

***8pm Eastern Time on W4IZ/R 146.7 MHz. FM

All are welcome. A WWD certificate ## is not required to participate.


The first WWD certificates were issued in 1957.

Weekly WWD nets began in January 1975

See the Jacksonville Radio Collection of this web site for WWD Rewind.

WWD endorsements are available for contacting 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 different WWD certificate holders and in additional increments of 25.

Endorsements are free for NOFARS members. The cost to those who are not members of NOFARS is $1 for each sticker.

A self addressed stamped envelope is required if stickers are to be mailed. Endorsements can be presented at a NOFARS meeting.

When applying for endorsements, please send a cumulative log listing all contacts. Give the call and certificate number for each beginning with your first WWD contact.

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