North Florida Amateur Radio Society Roster

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The Pd. Thru column on the right indicates the end of the year when NOFARS membership expires. NOFARS dues are based on the calendar year. Dues remain at only $5 per year.

Please send dues along with name, call and address to:

NOFARS Secretary Chris Russell, KF4AAF

12956 Chets Creek Dr. S.

Jacksonville FL 32224

For new members and for renewals, use the NOFARS membership form or include callsign, name and address with dues.

Phone number and/or e-mail is optional if you want these included on roster

For renewals, if your roster information is correct, you need only include your name and callsign with dues.

For roster corrections, please send update to kf4aaf at gmail.com

You may renew for multiple years at the low $5 annual rate. Or become a NOFARS Life Member for only $75 ($50, if you have been a member for five years or more).

For the past decade, NOFARS has only collected telephone numbers from members who opted to have their number published in the roster. The shelf life of e-mail addresses seems to be short and many shown on the roster are defunct.

Online callsign lookups such as qrz.com may include more current information, so check there. A free account and log-in is now required for callsign lookup on qrz.com.

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