NOFARS  Balanced   Modulator

Volume LIX, Number 4                                                                                       APRIL 2024


The next NOFARS meeting is Thursday, April 11th at Hogan Baptist Church, 8045 Hogan Rd.   The meeting starts at 7:00pm and all are welcome to attend.

Mike Robinson, KG2MM will speak about the Parks On The Air (POTA) program.   Mike has operated portable from many state and U.S. national parks.   POTA is one of the most popular HF activities and you can see how to organize your own park expedition and also participate from your home station.



A threat of severe storms caused postponement of the Jacksonville Radio FREE Flea.   It is now scheduled for Saturday, April 13th in the big parking lot at Hogan Baptist Church, 8045 Hogan Rd.   Admission and tailgate spots are free.   The fun starts at 7AM and continues until noon.

See JaxRadio.net/hamfest.html

The Jax Laurel testing session did take place on March 23rd through efforts of Rajesh, K4SK and Brandi, K4PL along with several other examiners.   Nine new Technicians and three upgrades were achieved.   Congratulations to all.



If you have not yet renewed your NOFARS membership for 2024, please do so.   The NOFARS roster will be purged soon, so renew now.   Dues are only $5 per year with an increase now under consideration.   See your roster listing if you are unsure about the status of your membership.   If the Pd Thru column indicates 2023, you should renew for 2024.   Now is a good time to consider Life Membership as LMs are based on the annual rate.   The cost will rise sharply with an annual rate increase



Full ARRL members in the Northern Florida Section will vote this month to select a Section Manager (SM).   Two candidates have submitted petitions to serve a two-year term that begins July 1st.   ARRL is expected to use a two-tier ballot system that includes voting by postal mail and also online voting.   Balloting continues through mid-May.

Incumbent Scott Roberts, KK4ECR of Orange Park seeks another term.   His opponent is Jim Kvochick, K8JK of Homosassa (Hernando County near Tampa).   Both have experience as SM.   KK4ECR was elected here in 2022 and K8JK served previously as Michigan SM before moving south.

Section Managers are volunteers who receive limited reimbursement for travel expenses when attending group meetings and hamfests.   Unlike ARRL Directors, they do not set ARRL national policies.   They coordinate section level ARRL volunteers and ARES & NTS nets.

The Northern Florida ARRL Section includes 43 of Florida's 67 counties. Major population areas include Jacksonville, Daytona, Orlando, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Panama City, Gainesville, Ft. Walton, Ocala, Brooksville and suburban areas north of Tampa.



Installation of three new transmission lines for the W4IZ 146.7/444.4 repeater system at the Jax city communications site atop the Wells Fargo Tower downtown is underway after contractor delays.   The professional installation was necessary to maintain our access to this excellent location following major upgrades and required rerouting of lines.   Also required was replacement of mounting racks that conform to city specifications to hold our equipment.   Though rack costs were substantial, Bob Simmons KS4CA saved considerable expense by fabricating the racks in his machine shop and obtaining materials at a discount.   The racks are finished and the new lines will be connected shortly.

NOFARS President John Reynolds, W4IJJ pushed the contractor to complete our project.   Through John's persistence, the job got underway in late March.

Thanks to W4IZ/R technical chief Henry Mastrangelo, WB4LEQ and planner Steve Barber, WA4B who maintained contact with the Jax city radio shop.   Also our appreciation to Steve Shell, KO4SMF; Dan Ord, KK4JVV and others for their technical help.

The repeater general fund is separate from NOFARS treasury but the $9K+ tab for lines and professional installation was not affordable.   NOFARS voted to sponsor the cost and as a result, W4IZ/R should continue to have excellent coverage. Thanks to everyone who contributed to NOFARS treasury to defray the cost and also to those who contributed to the W4IZ/R general fund through donations and participation in 50/50 drawings at meetings and gatherings.



The Amateur Radio station on board the USS Orleck is being readied for a new season of operation from the ship's communications area.   The museum ship is now permanently anchored near Jaguar stadium at the former shipyard site.   The ship is open to visitors daily except Monday & Tuesday.

Here is a recent JaxToday article about USS Orleck.

Plans include participation in the annual Museum Ship Weekend in June when dozens of similar operations will be on the air.   Additional activations based on national and local commemorations are also possible.   Operators and support people are needed to make these successful.   More details will be forthcoming at NOFARS meetings and you can sign up to assist.

Additional help with restoration and maintenance is always appreciated.   Pending projects include cable installation, equipment arrangement and general upkeep.   If you can assist, please contact NOFARS President John Reynolds, W4IJJ or USS Orleck communications manager Pat Geer, KB4BKX.


FIFTH SATURDAY BREAKFAST:   When months include a fifth Saturday, there is a breakfast for all area hams.   The next one is Saturday, March 30th.   Also June 29th and August 31st.

John, W4IJJ writes "this is a reminder of the upcoming 5th Saturday Breakfast which will again be at the Golden Corral located at Normandy Blvd and Memorial Park Blvd.   Please try to arrive around 0900 as seating IS NOT reserved however there is usually plenty of seating in one of the rooms.   When you arrive, be sure to tell the staff that you are there with a group and we request seating together in one of the rooms."



**Tube-type Transmitters, Receivers, Test Equipment, Accessories.

**Hasselblad Camera Equipment

Contact Bob Meadows, W4RRD at 904-264-2946

E-mail rpmeadow@bellsouth.net



President----John Reynolds, W4IJJ

Vice President----Billy Williams, N4UF

Secretary----Chris Russell, KF4AAF

Treasurer----Todd Lovelace, K1KVA

Activities Manager----Mike Robinson, KG2MM

Director----Roger Knight, KI4PIL

Director----Randy Bahr, KI4RHQ


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